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Answering the Call to Create Street Art

Today I found my way to this video of a flash mob from a public library in Valladolid, Spain (via On Being Tumblr). Near the end I found tears in my eyes. If I’m being honest, a lot of flash mob videos make me cry. There is something so beautiful about a group of people […]

Sometimes Making Stuff is Hard to Do

Thank heavens for my bestie who pokes me on Facebook, and tweets BLOG! BLOG! BLOG! at me when I miss days of blogging. When I start to stray I think about her wrath encouragement, and that gets me back on track. I have six more days of my September blog challenge. I’ve noticed a curious […]

Make It Work, Carry On

As I was watching the latest episode of Project Runway, it occurred to me that my post from yesterday was a little defeatist. I’ve always loved Tim Gunn’s critiques on Project Runway, especially his repeated advice to “Make it Work” and “Carry On.” So simple, but really that advice can be applied to so many […]

Index Card a Day 2014 (ICAD) Fail

In June I attempted the Index Card a Day challenge, and failed miserably. These are two of four cards that I completed in two months. I really struggle with daily challenges. I get excited about the idea of a daily challenge, but have trouble with the execution. I think it’s partially an all or nothing […]