Mid-Week Links: Pattern/Textile Design

01. The Design Center tumblr: Wow! This is a stunning collection of vintage textiles. There is so much inspiration in these swatches. Some of my recent favorites.

02. New Pattern by Eeli-Ethel Polli: The colors in this pattern are so happy.

03. Lourdes Sanchez: I was fortunate to find this artist/textile designer through what at first appeared to be one of those frustrating endless tumblr chains. I love her stripes and geometric collections. I also enjoyed reading the last paragraph of her faq page addressing how to get started in textile/surface design. Basically, make work. Very direct.

04. COLOURlovers Patterns: Browse or contribute to the community. I’ve loved the color resources on this site for years, and am just now getting into looking at the patterns.

05. Pattern Design Resource Books by Book By Its Cover: An impressive list of pattern resource books in one blog post. I have 1000 Patterns, and it’s one of my favorites. I have my eye on Textile Designs for my next purchase.

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