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Sunday Seven: What’s Going On?

I’m reviving my Sunday Seven list series this week with a list of things I’m excited about in the next month or so. I also have lots of street art photos from Detroit to share, so I’ll be posting new photos as I edit them in the next week. 01. Home. I arrived back in […]

Tree of Life Mural

I tried a new lunch place today (Roses Ice Cream), and when we sat down I saw a mural about a block in the distance. After we finished eating, I had to investigate the mural. I found a stunning set of twin murals by Loey Hargrove of Left Ear Studio. The murals are on buildings […]

Link Love // Shadows and Patterns #1

I’m hoping that soon Portland will be getting enough sun for me to make a small series of photographs of shadows and patterns. These are from a couple of weekends ago when the weather was warm, and I was taking some walks through the neighborhood. The sky here is flat gray a lot of the […]

Portland Color: Spring!

Spring is everywhere in Portland! It’s so lovely to see the vibrant colors popping up everywhere against the perpetual gray skies. Winter seems so long, rainy and gray here that it’s almost a shock when this happens. I forget that there will be days with an hour or more of light when I get home […]

Color Story: Shamrock Walk Portland 2013

I’m super excited to be posting about finishing one of the items on my list of 33 things I want to do this year. I finished the 5K Shamrock Walk in downtown Portland yesterday. I’ve been working toward this goal since June 2012 when I broke my ankle. It took surgery and several months of […]

Weekend Color: Blue Pattern Car

I found this little gem in NE Portland this morning. After five years, I sometimes still can’t get over how awesome this city is. I saw at least five weird/cool/funny things on my walk this morning. It’s hard not to be inspired when you run into little surprises like this all the time.

Project Life: Week 3 (2013)

I’m still loving filling little pockets for Project Life in week three! Honestly, I’m pretty impressed by anyone who does this weekly in a larger album. It’s sometimes hard for me to fill seven little pockets, but maybe as I continue to work on this I’ll get better at taking more photos and writing down […]

Sunday Seven: Best/Worst List of 2012

Looking back over my personal events of 2012, these were the ones that shaped the year for me. It would have been a better year had I not broken my ankle, but there were some silver linings to even that part. I’m looking forward to using the last day of the year to set some […]

7 Gift Giving Alternatives to Black Friday Shopping

I’ll just say it. Black Friday gives me the creeps. I can’t think of anything more in contrast with the season than shopping on Thanksgiving night for a deal on electronics. I plan to stay as far away from that madness as possible. Here are my tips on how to stress less, and make holiday […]