Weekend Color: Blue Pattern Car

Blue Pattern Car in NE Portland, DaringHue.com

I found this little gem in NE Portland this morning. After five years, I sometimes still can’t get over how awesome this city is. I saw at least five weird/cool/funny things on my walk this morning. It’s hard not to be inspired when you run into little surprises like this all the time.

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  1. robyn March 4, 2013

    So, if you’ve been there for 5 years where were you before Portland? We just finished catching up on Portlandia episodes last night. That show, this post, and that car make me think that I would probably love Portland too. I live in the same city I grew up in, and because of that I feel like I often don’t really pay attention or notice my surroundings like I would if I moved to another city. I think it’s because I feel like I’ve seen it all and there’s nothing new to me. A whole new building will spring up and I didn’t even see it being built, or on a rare occasion I will notice an interesting little house with a sculpture in their yard that I hadn’t seen before. I had a dear friend of mine (who has since passed away, that is why I refer to her in the past) who moved to this city and she was awesome to be friends with because she had never experienced all of the stuff myself and our friends had taken for granted, all of our lives. We would visit the chicken shack, a place I hadn’t been to since I was a kid or take a tour of the historic Ellwood House, something everyone does when their in elementary school and then never does again. In the last year an a half we purchased our first home so our roots are pretty stable, but I do think often how it would be so awesome to move and get to notice all everything with new eyes.

    • Tricia March 14, 2013

      Robyn – I grew up in Southern California. I spent 2 years in Nebraska when I was 18, but I was in California the rest of the time. Oregon is much more like home. I didn’t realize how out of place I was in California until I got here. I do really, really love it here and there are lots of new things to see still, but I think sometimes it’s easy to get in a rut no matter where you live. I tend to do a lot of the same things every week, instead of trying new things, which is not really a good habit. On the up side, there is a lot of visual inspiration all around that is hard to miss. One of my two New Year’s resolutions this year was to eat only at local restaurants. Two months in, it’s been a really fun experiment. This has forced us to try new places, and I know we’ve gone to places we probably wouldn’t have otherwise. Maybe you just need a new project or experiment to see your home with fresh eyes. Photo scavenger hunt?

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