Daily Pattern Challenge: March


Good morning, Monday! I’m jumping back into Anika’s daily pattern challenge in March. This month I’ll be making all of my patterns out of stencils. So far I have used transparency film, but I’m open to using anything else I can find around the apartment. For the pattern above I used some craft acrylic paint and a brayer. I forgot how unpredictable stenciling can be! The paint crept under the edges of the stencil. It will be fun to play around with different types of inks and paints to see what effects I can get.



The two patterns above were created by layering two different colors of ink pads over the stencil. I just pressed the whole ink pad down into it.

I’ll be sharing my patterns daily on Flickr with the tag patternadaymar. You can also find me daily on Instagram with the tag #patternadaymar or #letsmakepatterns. If you want to join in (it’s fun!), check out Anika’s post.

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