Tree of Life Mural

Tree of Life by Loey Hargrove

Tree of Life by Loey Hargrove

I tried a new lunch place today (Roses Ice Cream), and when we sat down I saw a mural about a block in the distance. After we finished eating, I had to investigate the mural. I found a stunning set of twin murals by Loey Hargrove of Left Ear Studio. The murals are on buildings across the street from each other. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this treatment before, so it was a nice surprise to find two murals, when I thought there was only one. I love bold, geometric murals, so this one has jumped up to the top of my favorite murals in Portland list. On Loey’s blog I found a slideshow of in process photos.



In the photo above, you can see a glimpse of the mural across the street.


Through a little research I learned that the words painted in the leaves were suggested by members of the neighboring communities. I love that CATS made it to the list.


I have a big love for murals and street art, and seeing this mural made my day. I wrote a research paper on murals at the beginning of the year, and just finished making a street art magazine for a design class. I frequently drag my travel partners around streets or alleys to take photos. Reading about murals and street art, looking at photos on the internet, and finding them on the street is infinitely fascinating to me. I think wall art is one of the best applications of creativity, because it is a gift to the community. I’m so happy that I stumbled upon this one today!

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