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Color Inspiration: Project Runway

Spoiler! If you haven’t seen Project Runway Season 13, Episode 8, The Rainway, this post contains images that may ruin it for you. The winner hasn’t been revealed in this post, but I’ve included images of my favorite design. I’m going to give you a “Red Panda Climbing Down a Tree Break” to decide if […]

Weekend Color: Ikea

Portland is cold, rainy and dreary this weekend. It’s a perfect weekend for indoor activities. We went to Ikea today and got some meatballs and a bookshelf for my art books and supplies. My “art studio” has disintegrated into a giant unorganized mess, so I’ll be starting to tackle that this weekend. It’s hard not […]

DIY Tutorial: Painted Stripes Postcards (Guest Post)

Yesterday I had a guest tutorial posted at Makewells! I had so much fun making these. Click here to read how to make easy hand-painted postcards using craft paint, tape and an old credit card. No painting experience needed! While you’re there, check out the rest of the Makewells blog. Megan blogs about her artwork, […]

Weekend Color: Autumn Farmers Market

It feels like we finally turned the corner into autumn this week. We had one last bright and warm day on Thursday, and the next morning I drove to work in a downpour. This weekend the skies were grey and overcast. I do love a good sunshine day, but it’s against the solid gray backdrop […]