Color Inspiration: Project Runway

Spoiler! If you haven’t seen Project Runway Season 13, Episode 8, The Rainway, this post contains images that may ruin it for you. The winner hasn’t been revealed in this post, but I’ve included images of my favorite design.

I’m going to give you a “Red Panda Climbing Down a Tree Break” to decide if you want to click through to read the rest of this post…


Ok… on to the good stuff! I am not really into fashion in my “real life” (dark jeans for me, thanks), but I love, love, love Project Runway. I am a huge Tim Gunn fan, and I love seeing the sketching, planning, angst and frantic work that goes into the designers’ projects. If there was a similar reality show about art, I would be all over it.

For this episode the designers were asked to create an avant-garde look that would be going down the runway under falling rain (“The Rainway”). The whole runway show was excellent, but by far my favorite look was by Sean Kelly of New Zealand (woo!).

His model started off in what looks like a sweet, but relatively plain white dress…

DaringHue_ProjectRunway_Rainway (1)

… and then as she steps under the rain and starts twirling, the brilliance of his design is revealed. He sewed powder dye into the dress with the intent of the dress streaming down with color as the model walked under the rain. His reaction as he realizes his design worked is priceless.

DaringHue_ProjectRunway_Rainway (2)

How gorgeous is this??

DaringHue_ProjectRunway_Rainway (3)

I loved Heidi and Tim’s reactions. Heidi’s eyes looked like they were going to fall out of her head, and Tim looked like a proud papa.

DaringHue_ProjectRunway_Rainway (0)

As the model walked back up the runway, the beautiful colors running down the back of the dress were revealed.

DaringHue_ProjectRunway_Rainway (4)

This is one my all time favorite designs on Project Runway. It’s smart, gutsy and gorgeous. I could see this translating into paper work. How fun would it be to send a card to someone that changes color if it is run under water? You can see a video of just this design at this link. I highly recommend watching it even if you are not a Project Runway fan. So fun to see the magic of this beautiful transformation!

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  1. robyn September 23, 2014

    That was SO COOL! I only wish he had given the model more direction to be more joyful and happy. How cool would it have been for her to raise her arms up into the rain as she twirled around. Instead she kind of had that stern and serious model look.
    And I know exactly what you mean about wishing there was an art version of this show. There have been a few here and there that have attempted it but really it needs to be a spin off of project runway and set up the same way for it be a success, don’t you think?

    • Tricia September 23, 2014

      Ha! Yes, she did have the model look on her face. She looked happier during the critique. Maybe she was nervous about it working too!

      Yes, I think this is the most successful of these types of shows, and I’d love to see a spin off. Think of all of the shows you could have based on the subjects taught at Parsons! I would love to see another design show. Maybe I’ll start a Twitter campaign. :)

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