Sunday Seven: What’s Going On?


I’m reviving my Sunday Seven list series this week with a list of things I’m excited about in the next month or so. I also have lots of street art photos from Detroit to share, so I’ll be posting new photos as I edit them in the next week.

01. Home. I arrived back in Portland yesterday after two weeks in Ohio and Michigan visiting family and friends. I saw lots of amazing things, and it was great to take a break from work and school, but I’m really happy to be home and settling back into my regular life. It’s a great feeling to return from a vacation feeling refreshed and excited.

02. Farmers Markets. Autumn is when I am really grateful to be living in Portland. The farmers markets run through December. We went to the King Market in NE Portland today, and there was still lots of summer produce (strawberries, nectarines, corn), but winter squash was also there. I love to see the shift in seasons at the market, and autumn is one of my favorite seasons for produce. I’m especially excited for the arrival of asian pears.

03. Pattern Camp. I signed up for Jessica Swift’s two day intensive Pattern Camp in October, and I’m super excited about it. I’ve been making hand drawn patterns for a few years now, but I haven’t delved much into repeat patterns. I’m excited to learn how to take my pattern drawings to the next level.

04. Fall term. I finished summer term at PSU three weeks ago, and I’m starting fall term on September 30. I’m so excited about the classes I have lined up. The start of a new school year is just about the best thing ever. This week I’m going to be straightening up my art supplies and getting everything organized for the new year.

05. Design Week Portland. I feel so lucky to be studying design in Portland because there are so many opportunities for learning outside of class. Design Week Portland is a week long series of events, discussions, open houses, etc. running from October 4–October 11. The lineup is super impressive, and a lot of the events are either low cost or free.

06. Cooler weather. This summer has been the hottest I’ve experienced while living in Portland. While I do love the long summer days, the heat has been a little much, and I’m happy to see the forecast for the next ten days is mostly days in the 70s, with some rain predicted. I can’t wait for sweater weather!

07. New projects. With the start the new month, and my birthday coming up at the beginning of October, I’m tossing around ideas for a new daily project. So far I’m leaning toward a loose sketchbook project where I complete a square a day and stack them all in a box. I also have a couple of pattern projects I’m thinking about. I’ll share more details when I get started.

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