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Sunday Seven: What’s Going On?

I’m reviving my Sunday Seven list series this week with a list of things I’m excited about in the next month or so. I also have lots of street art photos from Detroit to share, so I’ll be posting new photos as I edit them in the next week. 01. Home. I arrived back in […]

Summer Starts

Just as the month of August is winding down, I’m officially starting my summer. I finished my summer classes at PSU today, and I have the excited feeling I get when the whole summer is wide open, as well of a little bit of feeling not sure what I should do with myself now that […]

Making and Meaning

I should probably write a long list of excuses to explain why it’s been so long since I’ve posted here, but instead I’m going to write about my green bowl. In 2007, I went to Hawaii for a Christmas vacation with my family. The whole family. My dad, his girlfriend and her kids, my sister, […]

Less Mess! (WOYWW)

More important than what is on my workdesk this week, is what isn’t on my workdesk this week. I finally went to Ikea on Saturday to pick up a matching bookcase to put next to my desk, and was able to stash the pile of art supplies and papers that was on my desk. I’m […]

33 Things I Want To Do in Year 33: April Update

I’m now exactly six months into my 33rd year, and I’m revisiting my list of 33 Things I Want To Do in Year 33. My last update was in December, and I need to make revisiting the list a monthly commitment because there hasn’t been much forward movement with the list in the last four […]

Color Story: Shamrock Walk Portland 2013

I’m super excited to be posting about finishing one of the items on my list of 33 things I want to do this year. I finished the 5K Shamrock Walk in downtown Portland yesterday. I’ve been working toward this goal since June 2012 when I broke my ankle. It took surgery and several months of […]

New Camera!

I’m excited to share that after six years of using a Canon point-and-shoot, I’ve upgraded to a DSLR! I can’t wait to try it out with some daylight. First pictures were of my cat, my boyfriend, and this lovely book that I somehow accidentally purchased twice from Amazon. I opened the box and immediately thought […]

33 Things I Want To Do in Year 33: December Update

I’m nearly three months into my 33rd year, and I’m revisiting my list of 33 Things I Want To Do in Year 33. After reviewing, I see that I need to be more aggressive in planning what items I want to work on every month. I’ve added notes below on my progress, and the items […]

Merry Day After Christmas

I’m back from a week spent in Columbus, OH with my boyfriend’s family. We were lucky and had snow only one day (sideways snow!). It was enough to cover the ground and make everything sparkly white and Christmas-ey, but not enough to cause any trouble getting around. While we were there we saw an Annie […]