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Charlotte (2000-2012)

There are a lot of things that I could write about my twelve years with Charlotte, but even a week after losing her I’m finding it hard to put down the words. She was such a sweet little lady, and came into my life at the perfect moment. I was lucky to have her as […]

33 Things I Want To Do in Year 33

December Progress Report! I celebrated my 33rd birthday quietly on Thursday. I spent the day painting, eating my favorite Indian food, napping and eating really good cheesecake. Nine months of my 32nd year were pretty good, but I have some making up to do for the past three months I’ve spent healing a broken ankle. […]

Walking (Again) Shoes

I’m not sure I could be more excited about losing the heavy black velcro boot I’ve been wearing for the last eight weeks. My ankle break has progressed far enough that my doctor has released me to return to regular shoes on Wednesday (four more days)!! The color search feature at Zappos is great for […]

Healing Lessons

On the first day of summer, I fell down the last step into “Portland’s Living Room” and broke my ankle in three places. Sprawled out on the bricks under a perfectly sunny sky, I had no idea what I was in for. One ambulance ride and a few x-rays later, it became clear that my […]

Hello world!

First blog post! I’m Tricia, 32, originally from Southern California. I live in NE Portland, Oregon with my boyfriend, two cats and two dogs. I recently returned to school part-time to pursue an art degree. I love, love, love color theory, pattern and design. I intend to use this blog to hold myself accountable to […]