33 Things I Want To Do in Year 33

December Progress Report!

I celebrated my 33rd birthday quietly on Thursday. I spent the day painting, eating my favorite Indian food, napping and eating really good cheesecake. Nine months of my 32nd year were pretty good, but I have some making up to do for the past three months I’ve spent healing a broken ankle. To keep me on track, here are 33 things I want to do in the next year. Monthly updates to come!

01. Walk over seven Portland bridges
02. Walk a 5K
03. Take a mud bath in New Zealand
04. Try indoor rock climbing
05. Take an Indian or Japanese cooking class
06. Take a printmaking class
07. Back up all of my digital photos
08. Submit artwork to Art-o-mat
09. Make a quilt
10. Unpack all boxes from our move in January (so sad…)
11. Learn how to use Wacom tablet
12. Go camping with my sister
13. Make french onion soup
14. [Private goal]
15. Go to Astoria or Bend for a long weekend with boyfriend
16. Join or create a sketchbook or artists meetup group
17. Start classes at PSU
18. Finish two art journals
19. Go to zoo before my membership expires
20. Sell a piece of artwork
21. Save $X
22. Take a soapmaking class
23. Make a collaborative sketchbook with another artist
24. Try yoga
25. [Private goal]
26. Make a new girl friend in Portland
27. Open an Etsy shop
28. Go on a short trip somewhere in the U.S. by myself (or to visit a friend)
29. Build a portfolio website
30. Buy a bike and ride somewhere with my sister
31. Cook 20 new recipes
32. See Crater Lake
33. Go to OMSI After Dark

Update: This post by Summer Pierre may be helpful if you are considering writing your own list.

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