Summer Starts


Just as the month of August is winding down, I’m officially starting my summer. I finished my summer classes at PSU today, and I have the excited feeling I get when the whole summer is wide open, as well of a little bit of feeling not sure what I should do with myself now that I don’t have homework projects to work on. I have some trips coming up—Seattle and Columbus, OH—and I hope the weather holds up at least until I go back for fall term at the end of September.

The close of classes means that I have more time to work on personal projects. I have a list about a mile long, so I’m going to need to prioritize and decide which projects are the most exciting/important. At the top of my list is blogging. I’ve been terrible with follow through—two blog posts in 2014—even though I know that blogging is good for my creative output. Blogging gives me a place to be accountable, and I make tons more work than I would otherwise. I’m going to do something terrifying and commit to putting up a blog post every day, no matter what, in September. I will be on vacation for half of the month, so this is an ambitious goal, but I’m going to set it anyway.

Look out internets! I’ll be back on September 1 with a new post.

p.s. Hello, if there is anyone still out there reading this. I hope you are having an excellent summer.

p.p.s. This second one is for my bestie, who hates the electronic p.s.

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  1. robyn August 31, 2014

    Hip Hip Hooray, I’m so excited to see you will be blogging regularly. I’m the same way and blogging has been something I’ve been wanting and needing to do but haven’t had the time. Aside from my art/craft/design projects, I have a mile long list of blog post ideas alone.

    • robyn August 31, 2014

      I should have added – while I love the idea of posting daily for September I’ve been wanting to and failing at the simple goal of just posting twice a week. Maybe starting September I will aim for that realistic goal.

      • Tricia September 1, 2014

        Yes, twice a week would be awesome! :) I’ve been wanting to and failing at doing A LOT of projects consistently, so this is my tough love. I loved writing this blog when I was doing it more often, and I’m afraid if I don’t get back into the habit that I’ll abandon it completely. I’m actually really impressed by your blog output. You’ve built a nice archive. And thanks for the encouragement! I’m going to need it. :)

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