Summer Starts


Just as the month of August is winding down, I’m officially starting my summer. I finished my summer classes at PSU today, and I have the excited feeling I get when the whole summer is wide open, as well of a little bit of feeling not sure what I should do with myself now that I don’t have homework projects to work on. I have some trips coming up—Seattle and Columbus, OH—and I hope the weather holds up at least until I go back for fall term at the end of September.

The close of classes means that I have more time to work on personal projects. I have a list about a mile long, so I’m going to need to prioritize and decide which projects are the most exciting/important. At the top of my list is blogging. I’ve been terrible with follow through—two blog posts in 2014—even though I know that blogging is good for my creative output. Blogging gives me a place to be accountable, and I make tons more work than I would otherwise. I’m going to do something terrifying and commit to putting up a blog post every day, no matter what, in September. I will be on vacation for half of the month, so this is an ambitious goal, but I’m going to set it anyway.

Look out internets! I’ll be back on September 1 with a new post.

p.s. Hello, if there is anyone still out there reading this. I hope you are having an excellent summer.

p.p.s. This second one is for my bestie, who hates the electronic p.s.

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