Less Mess! (WOYWW)


More important than what is on my workdesk this week, is what isn’t on my workdesk this week. I finally went to Ikea on Saturday to pick up a matching bookcase to put next to my desk, and was able to stash the pile of art supplies and papers that was on my desk. I’m very excited that my desk is usable again, and as a bonus, it looks prettier too! Today I’m linking up to What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday at Stamping Ground .

I started a new printmaking class on Saturday. It’s a mixed class of Printmaking I and Printmaking II students. As one of the Printmaking II students, I have absolute freedom in the projects I work on for the quarter, and can make up my own assignments. I always thought that would be a blessing, but now I’m sitting here with empty sketchbook pages wondering what to do with myself. I think I need to come up with some limitations because the wide openness has so far resulted in not a lot of ideas.


I live in a small apartment with my boyfriend, two dogs and a cat, so I feel very lucky to have this corner of the main living space to call my own. My desk is set up in the area that probably should hold a dining room table. It is right off of the kitchen, which is perfect for clean up and getting cups of tea. A TV tray and rolling cart expand my work area beyond the small desktop. The TV tray is good for holding cups of water and paint because it’s off to the side and doesn’t get in the way.

I always love peeks at artwork in studios, so I thought I’d share what’s up in mine right now. The TV tray is hand painted by my friend Carolyn O’Connor, who takes old furniture and gives it new life again with her brightly colored designs. The little bunting above my desk is by Robyn Wells. She has one of my favorite little eclectic shops on Etsy. The top print of the two on the wall is by Jessica Swift. The bottom print on the wall is Artist-in-Bloom Manifesto by Aimee at Artsyville. There is a tiny painting by Sherry Paylor on the right side of the top of my desk. I got it from an Art-o-Mat machine this weekend. You can get a better view of it on Instagram. And lastly, the painting to the right of the sewing machine is one of mine. It’s a study of a Richard Diebenkorn painting that I made in one of my painting classes. I have a ton of prints that are unframed, and now that I have all of the furniture situated, I’m looking forward to putting more artwork on the walls.


This is how the space looks all closed up! Lately this has been a pretty infrequent occurrence, but now that my desk is clear I can close it up more easily. A more seasoned blogger probably would have swept up the dog hair before taking the picture, so please ignore that. This is real life. :) I hope you have a very creative and colorful Wednesday!

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