Sketchbook Doodles: Glue it Tuesday


Hello! I’m popping in today to share some of my doodles for Aimee’s Glue it Tuesday. Check out her blog to see her colorful work, and links to others participating in Glue it Tuesday. I’m not feeling particularly inspired this week. I think it has to do with the gray skies and rain returning after a lovely week with warm spring weather. Sometimes when I’m feeling the artistic blahs, I will do something really simple to try to get back in the flow. I’m not there yet, but I will keep trying! Thanks to all who came over to visit from Artsyville!

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  1. Natasha April 9, 2013

    Have you glued these onto the page after doodling and cutting them up? It looks really effective. Not blah like at all!!

    I like paint on my hands when I have the blahs, even if I create nothing worth anything, seeing paint on my hands makes me happy and I feel like I have done something at least. :)

    I live very close to Wellington, and touch wood will soon be working in Wellington. Such a small world we live in, and how amazing is the internet for connecting all of us??

    • Tricia April 10, 2013

      Thanks! Yes, I did the doodles and then cut them up to glue them down. It was fun doing it this way. My normal instinct would have been to cut, glue, and then doodle.

      I’m the same way with swatches of acrylic paint. Even if I’m not making an image of anything, it makes me feel good to put paint down on paper.

      Crossing my fingers for your job in Wellington. The internet is amazing. I probably never would have even gone to NZ if not for meeting a friend who lived there. Maybe we can meet up for tea or something when I get there, and can share sketchbooks.

  2. Marit April 10, 2013

    I like the repetitive pattern with different colors/sizes… great excersice to get the mojo back and it looks great too! happy glue it tuesday – on wednesday ;) and a hug from Holland

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