Sunday Seven: Things More Exciting Than The Super Bowl

Does anyone else love using Super Bowl Sunday to catch up on art projects or other productive things while everyone else is distracted by watching football? Here are seven things I did today that were more exciting than watching the game.

01. Watched videos of Maira Kalman talking about her work on YouTube. My goodness, I am so inspired by Maira Kalman’s work. It’s so colorful, and I love her observations and handwriting. Her work makes me want to paint again. And watching her talk about her work is even better than looking at it.

“In the end, it’s love and it’s work. What else could there possibly be? What do I want to do? What is the most wonderful thing I could be doing, and who are the most wonderful people I could be with.” – Maira Kalman

02. Visited 101 Florals. This blog documents a collaborative pattern project between Lindsay Nohl and Llew Mejia. Every week they create a pattern based on a floral topic. I loved seeing the different ways that they interpret each topic. Gorgeous patterns!


03. Made a pattern. I started another round of the daily pattern challenge. This month I decided to make teeny tiny (1 12 by 1 38“) patterns in a sketchbook. I’m planning to do my patterns at work so that I will get away from my desk for a little bit every day, instead of eating with one hand and typing with the other. If you’d like to join in, you can visit Anika’s blog for details, or you can check out all of my patterns from February on Flickr.

04. Picked up photos at Walgreens. All of my photos (eight photos) for two weeks of Project Life were only 91 cents total today. Coupon code EVERYSIZE gets you 40% off all prints and enlargements through February 9th if you order online.

05. Worked on Project Life. I got a little behind last week because of a busy work week, but I’m caught up again. I worked on two weeks today, and I’ll be posting my week 4 photos tomorrow.

06. Took a walk. A friend and I promised each other twenty minutes of physical activity every day this month. Am I ever grateful for this promise. Sometimes when you are just getting started with a habit again it is easier to keep a promise to someone else than yourself (sad, but true). So, I’m glad she’s sending me her updates, and waiting for mine. It was cold today, but I had a nice walk. I saw lots of little colorful houses, and it made me want my own, with a porch and a swing. I would probably have a purple house with a green door. Someday…

07. Cleaned the refrigerator. Still more exciting than watching the Super Bowl. I found some gravy in the back from Thanksgiving that I’m pretty sure Bill and I were both hoping that the other would eventually clean out. I’m not sure what’s in that gravy, but there was no mold. Pretty scary.

I have the day off of work tomorrow, so I’ll be working on some projects, and prepping a couple of posts for the blog. Hoping you all had a creative weekend!

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