Project Life: Week 3 (2013)


I’m still loving filling little pockets for Project Life in week three! Honestly, I’m pretty impressed by anyone who does this weekly in a larger album. It’s sometimes hard for me to fill seven little pockets, but maybe as I continue to work on this I’ll get better at taking more photos and writing down stories.

After scanning my pages, I realized that I reference the return of my favorite Indian food cart in three out of seven pockets. That should either give you an idea of how good the cart is, or how boring my week was. If you’re ever in Portland (or are lucky enough to live here), please do yourself a favor and get Shahi Paneer at Bombay Chaat House. It’s $7 and is big enough for two meals. It’s probably one of my favorite meals in all of Portland. The cart is downtown on Yamhill & 12th. Their tagline is “This is not just a food cart… it’s where food is made with love.” Oh, so true.


The patterned strip on the date card in the top left was from a scrap of newsprint (not newspaper, typo in my journaling) from printmaking class. Not a lot happened this week, so I typed up some texts. Photo in bottom right corner is of our coffee table pre-weekend cleanup. I’ve doing most of my artwork hunched over the coffee table, but I really should switch over to my art desk to make my back happier. Unfortunately the coffee table is closer to the heater, so that’s been winning out lately.


Top left has some tiny illustrations of the things I most commonly buy at Whole Foods, with some stickers from my salad container. The happy photo was taken while driving over the Fremont bridge on Friday morning. The sun came out, and there was the most lovely haze over the river and buildings. So, so pretty. I also saw a van that looked like a Mondrian painting that morning, so it was a very happy commute. Pattern is a section of my unfinished test print on newsprint paper from printmaking class. I’ll be finishing carving the linoleum block tomorrow night, and printing on the good paper in class on Saturday.


I added an insert this week, including my patterns from January 1-15. This is a coin page protector cut down to fit in the album. The pockets are 2×2″. I’m not sure I’m sold on adding inserts. I feel like this one breaks up the spread and makes it look too busy, but maybe that’s just because the patterns are a little overwhelming all together.

I’ll share one link before I sign off for the night. I recently discovered, where you can curate your own online newspaper. Bronwyn has created one called Celebrating #ProjectLife. It’s a great little collection of links to blog posts and stories about Project Life. If you are working on this project, you will love it!

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