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Sketchbook: Last Farmers Market

Today was the last weekend of the regular season at the farmers market near our apartment. It was raining so much that we got in and out as quickly as possible, and took our crepes to go. All of the vendors were so nice to thank us for coming out in the rain. The downtown […]

Weekend Color: Autumn Farmers Market

It feels like we finally turned the corner into autumn this week. We had one last bright and warm day on Thursday, and the next morning I drove to work in a downpour. This weekend the skies were grey and overcast. I do love a good sunshine day, but it’s against the solid gray backdrop […]

33 Things I Want To Do in Year 33

December Progress Report! I celebrated my 33rd birthday quietly on Thursday. I spent the day painting, eating my favorite Indian food, napping and eating really good cheesecake. Nine months of my 32nd year were pretty good, but I have some making up to do for the past three months I’ve spent healing a broken ankle. […]

Five Years in Oregon!

Five years ago today I arrived in Oregon from California by way of Nebraska. Five years! I fell hard for Portland immediately after arriving to visit my sister here in November 2006. I remember the reveal of the stunning trees on Sunset Highway when I came out of the tunnel and knew this was where […]