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Detroit Street Art

I saw so many amazing things today. I can’t wait to unload my memory card and post the street art photos from today. Big thanks to my friend Nicole for driving me around the city for the whole day, and to the awesome people in Detroit who made such a colorful day possible.

Ohio Street Art and Murals

I’m heading to Detroit, MI tomorrow where I will undoubtedly find lots of street art to take photos of, so I thought I’d share round one of my Ohio street art and mural photos. I’ve been having so much fun walking and driving around to see these works. It’s one of my favorite things to […]

Ohio to Michigan Road Trip

I’m in Michigan visiting my aunt. I have a cat and a Kindle in bed with me, so naturally I have completely lost the will to blog. There are black squirrels here, so my day tomorrow has pretty much planned itself (squirrel photo hunt). Wish me luck in my search.

Wholly Craft

One of today’s touristy activities was visiting Wholly Craft in the Clintonville neighborhood of Columbus, OH. I’ve been here a couple of times on prior trips, but in the time since I was here last they’ve moved to a much larger location. This is a super vibrant shop full of handmade items by crafters and […]

Columbus Museum of Art

Today I visited the Columbus Museum of Art. It is in a really beautiful building in downtown Columbus. Unfortunately on this visit a few of the galleries were closed while a new exhibit was being installed, but they were very kind in giving us a discount for that inconvenience. The museum is currently undergoing construction […]


What is this madness? How did Grumpy Cat get a line of bottled coffee? Just a note to say hello, and post this ridiculousness. I saw an amazing gallery show today, but I don’t have the time or energy to do it justice, so I’m going to save it for tomorrow. I love traveling because […]

Airport Carpet

I spent much of the day traveling from Portland to Columbus, and documented the carpet at each airport. I prefer the bright colors of the PDX carpet to the muted tones of the Denver and Columbus carpets. I could see this becoming a really fun series. You never really think about how hard airport carpet […]

Heading to Columbus

Writing this blog post is the last task before I try to go to sleep at an impossibly early hour. I have to be up at 2:00 a.m. for a flight to Ohio. I’m already wishing I had chosen a later flight. :) I’m visiting my boyfriend’s family in Columbus. I’m a little nervous about […]