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One of today’s touristy activities was visiting Wholly Craft in the Clintonville neighborhood of Columbus, OH. I’ve been here a couple of times on prior trips, but in the time since I was here last they’ve moved to a much larger location. This is a super vibrant shop full of handmade items by crafters and artists. I was pleased to find lots of work from Portland artists in this shop. A lot of the items are Ohio themed, so this is a perfect place to pick up gifts for people at home or Ohio enthusiasts. :)

They also have a cool corner in the back of the store that is full of recycled craft materials. You can fill up a basket and name your price, or bring your unwanted items to donate to the area.


These floors!!


These are a few of the items I purchased today. Cat onesie by boygirlparty for my boyfriend’s niece. He asked me if I should pick another one since her mom is allergic to cats. Ha! Cute magnets. A U.S. state letterpress print by Power and Light Press, which I’ve just learned is a mobile print shop built into the back of a van!

This shop is definitely worth the stop if you’re visiting Columbus!

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    • Tricia September 13, 2014

      It’s so gorgeous!! In all of the states it has the state nickname printed too. “The Beaver State” for Oregon. Really nice. Can’t wait to get it framed.

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