Columbus Museum of Art


Today I visited the Columbus Museum of Art. It is in a really beautiful building in downtown Columbus. Unfortunately on this visit a few of the galleries were closed while a new exhibit was being installed, but they were very kind in giving us a discount for that inconvenience. The museum is currently undergoing construction for what looks like a major expansion, so I’m looking forward to visiting again once it is complete. I like that the museum is very interactive. They had an exhibit on color that had lots of different stations to make art. In the image above you could make and hang a little sculpture out of brown twist ties. I made a pattern out of construction tape, and designed a shoe while I was there. This marks the first time my work is hanging in a museum, ha!

DaringHue_ColumbusArt (2)

Left: I’m having trouble tracking down the artist name. If anyone knows, please let me know in comments so that I can attribute it.
Middle: Detail from The Weight of Winter by Laura Alexander. Beautiful papercut over golf leaf.
Right: Glass work by Dale Chihuly. Full image here.

DaringHue_ColumbusArt (3)

Left: My sneaker is the pink argyle patterned one near the top right.
Middle: Gorgeous ceilings on the second floor.
Right: Gate in the atrium.

My favorite piece was an oil painting titled Sunflowers in the Windstorm by Emile Nolde. The purple was so vibrant against the sunflowers. I also loved the story of the artist painting in secret after the Nazi government had forbidden him to paint.

There is an exhibit opening on October 3rd about art and money that I’m really sad I won’t be able to see!

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