Mid-Week Links

01. Art is my religion by Susannah Conway: When I read this post I thought, yes, yes, yes! I literally cried in front of paintings at MOMA.

02. Little Scraps of Paper: “A series of short documentary films about how creative people develop ideas and thoughts and what they keep them in.” I found these documentaries via Pikaland, and love them! Short interviews with artists. I love looking at their sketchbooks.

03. Scout Books: Composition books in lots of vibrant colors. I love the purple and cyan. Also, free shipping to US. Awesome.

04. Where Your Book Begins by Emma Dajska: Good article on how to get started in sketchbook journaling.

05. The Creative Muster via Wild Olive: The most adorable little (one inch) embroidery hoops. I might be able to get into embroidery at this size.

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