Let’s Make Patterns Challenge: Days 8-10

Ten days into the pattern challenge, and I’m still going strong. This is the longest I’ve ever committed to a daily art challenge (so sad). I think the limit on materials (index cards and markers) is really helping to keep me going every day. All of my materials are in one little bin, and it’s easy to grab a couple of index cards and get going. Not having to think about what materials to use is really freeing me to actually just make something. I’m also surprised at how easy it has been to think of ideas. I usually see something during the day (tree, leaf, architecture, pattern on ground, etc.), and take a little piece of it when I’m home at night to make into a pattern.

This project has been consuming my creative hours. Now that I have my pattern done early on a Saturday, I might do some other work in my sketchbook. Wishing you a creative weekend too!

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