Oscar the Cat, 2002-2012

My sister lost her kitty on Monday. He originally lived with me in California, and then through a series of moves and life changes, ultimately ended up living with my sister here in Portland. The above is my favorite sketch of him. It’s so simple, but reminds me of all the nights he’d sit on the couch with me and watch TV while I worked in my sketchbook. He was especially fond of Felicity. I posted the memorial below for him on my personal Facebook page this week. He was a very spunky cat, and will be missed a lot.

Oscar, age 10, of Portland, OR, kicked the bucket today.

Born in 2002 on the mean streets of Lake Elsinore, he lived, played, napped, and collected paperclips and coins in California until retiring in Portland, OR (to pretty much do those very same things). Oscar brought joy to his three owners, Courtney, Tricia and Grandpa. He loved his toy fish, gravy, sleeping in sinks and all shiny things. Oscar was the winner of the prestigious “Cat of the Week” award at Catster.com in September 2004.

Survivors include Courtney, Tricia, and brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces. Oscar will be missed for his sweet disposition and loud purr.

Memorial contributions are welcome at Cat Adoption Team of Sherwood, OR.

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