Project Life: Week 7 (2013)


I’m sharing my Project Life week seven pages today. These have been in a state of almost done for a couple of weeks. I’m now officially three weeks behind. I think this weekend I’m going to do something to switch it up a little bit and finish the last three weeks all together so I can move on with the current week. The last couple of times I put my pages together I didn’t have very much fun, which tells me I need to try something different.


On the left page is a receipt from our crazy new vending system at work that can scan your fingerprint to link up to your account. Crazy! Shadow from school showing my portfolio and giant art bag. Left bottom is my sister in her new purple jacket from REI. Right bottom is an in process picture of my printmaking project for that week.


Photo on the top left is of Bill on stage as Mr. Rogers in his solo improv show. I had so much fun watching him win against a group of four. I was so proud of him. Journaling on the right with a little washi tape. Bottom is a photo from Valentine’s Day dinner at the Hot Cake House. I didn’t realize until I scanned these pages that the receipt I stapled to the photo is from December. I found it on our dresser, and we ordered exactly the same things so I thought it was the receipt from that week. I’ve decided it’s just going to stay in the album that way.

It’s Thursday night here, and I’m excited that there is only one more day until the weekend. I’m going to printmaking open studio tomorrow night after work, and get to see my first aquatint print. I finished the copper plate in class on Saturday, but didn’t have time to print it before I left. I had a whole week of building up the anticipation to see it, so I hope it turned out well!

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