Glue it Tuesday: Printmaking Color Tests


Good morning! I’m joining in Glue it Tuesday this week with some color tests for my printmaking class. I created a few linoleum blocks with simple textures, and my plan is to tear them all up and sew them back together for the final project. I brought the blocks home with me, and worked on some color tests tonight. I’m not thrilled with this color combination yet, but I do like seeing the simple textures next to each other in different colors. I was trying out burnishing with my hands (placing paper over the linoleum and rubbing), and really liked how personal it made the process feel, as opposed to using the press. I can see the areas where I pressed very hard, and those I backed off of a bit.


These are the prints I made on the press on Saturday. This chartreuse color is one of my favorites, and I am always happy when I work with it. I can’t wait to get started cutting up and assembling these prints back together.

Sometimes it’s hard to feel okay writing about color and sketchbooks after a day like yesterday. I initially felt a tinge of guilt even working on my prints last night. I think the only thing I can figure out to do is to try to be more grateful, continue to do the things that make me come alive, and try to do more good in the world. I’m grateful for this space, for being able to share the things that make me happy, and for the encouragement from you, my lovely readers.

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