Collage and The Terrible, No Good Art Block


Hello again! I’m back for Glue it Tuesday with a collage that’s been coming together on my desk for the past couple of weeks. I took the cover of one of our weekly newspapers and have been cutting all of the solid bits out of it and sticking a few pieces down here and there. I don’t often collage with pictures or patterns created by someone else (it’s hard to make it feel like mine), so I get really excited when I find a cover or illustration page that has a lot of big blocks of color I can use.

I have been feeling very uninspired lately, and have had a hard time getting myself to work in my sketchbooks, write blog entries or work on projects for my printmaking class. It’s been difficult to push through it and have faith that I will have new ideas again. I’m trying to find the right balance of being gentle with myself, but also to not be so lax that I slip into a bad habit of not working on projects because I’m “waiting for inspiration”. Projects like this sketchbook collage page are perfect because they don’t require too much thinking, and it’s more about the physical act of cutting and gluing than it is about the end product.

Here is a small collection of links that have provided me with some inspiration to keep going over the past week. If you’re looking for some more reading, check out Tammy’s fantastic Link Love mission. I’m hoping that I’ll be back soon with some notes on how I broke through my creative block!

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  1. Jana May 7, 2013

    ooops – apologies – my enter key was acting on it’s own!!! ;)
    Well, let’s try again:

    Interesting: I love to do the same – cut/rip pieces of solid color from magazines, newspapers, ads… one never knows when one needs a nice piece of color :)

    Like your spread!
    happy GIT :)

  2. Dawn May 7, 2013

    It’s like a mono chromatic puzzle! it is exciting to look at, you eye just keeps jumping around. Sometimes when I have trouble in one creative area, I just into another for awhile and I find I loosen up. Like instead of art I will photograph or instead of photograph I may knit or instead of knit I may cook. You know, mix it up instead of force the one thing I really think I aught to be doing. Terrible thing–thinking we ‘should’ be doing something.
    I am going to check out those articles. they may come in handy if my trade one thing for another stops working ;-)

  3. Deborah Weber May 7, 2013

    Creative life feels to me exactly like your collage. Finding space for all the bits in something that is cohesive and fun and not predictable. Sounds like you’re finding good ways to navigate feeling stuck, but even so, I hope it passes quickly.

  4. Chris May 8, 2013

    Wow. Those links. Thanks for those.

    I like the collaging you did. It looks so mid-century abstract, which is my favorite sensibility.

    It’s difficult being an artist. But I guess if it were easy, everyone would do it. The rewards are amazing!

  5. kari June 11, 2013

    hi Tricia,
    Thank you for the link love here but more than ever, thank you for the other link references. I thoroughly enjoyed perusing them all. Happy Creating, my friend (and happy summer)!

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