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Printmaking: Project #1

Printmaking project #1 is complete! Our objective was to create a print that had a good balance of white and black. For class on Saturday, I need to turn in six of my best prints. I laid all of the prints on my bed tonight to whittle it down to the best six (out of […]

Daily Pattern Challenge: January Update

I’m about two weeks into the January daily pattern challenge. When I started carving stamps this month, I thought I would like doing it, but didn’t realize how fast I would fall for the process. Pulling back the stamp from the first imprint is always like magic. For someone who tends toward being a control […]

Daily Pattern Challenge: January

I can’t believe it’s already five days into the new year! This also means that we’re five days into the January daily pattern challenge! For this month I’ve decided to carve stamps out of rubber or linoleum blocks to use for my patterns. So far I’ve been using this rubber block by Speedball, and have […]