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Printmaking: Aquatint

Hello! Today I’m sharing the last printmaking project from my winter quarter class. If you read my last post on etching, you might have gathered that I did not immediately take to intaglio. Even though I was super excited about using the aquatint process for the this project, I unfortunately again had a hard time […]

Printmaking: Etching on Copper

I’ve just finished up my first printmaking class, so I’ll be sharing my last two projects this week. This is project #3, and it’s the replacement print for my first plate that was a little bit of a disaster. In contrast, this image came about a little more easily. I transferred the small thumbnail sketch […]

Printmaking: Misadventures in Copper Etching

After I started my first printmaking class, I fell head over heels for relief printmaking. I loved carving linoleum, loved the end results, loved everything about it. Me + printmaking = ♥ And then came etching. To start, I had to go to three stores to find copper plates. The plates were expensive! Then, the […]