Printmaking: Etching on Copper


I’ve just finished up my first printmaking class, so I’ll be sharing my last two projects this week. This is project #3, and it’s the replacement print for my first plate that was a little bit of a disaster. In contrast, this image came about a little more easily. I transferred the small thumbnail sketch from my sketchbook, and then added in some of my little details. I really like how the crosshatching looks at the bottom, and would like to experiment more with this and etching in future projects. While my I was printing this some of my classmates started recognizing the prints as mine, even if they were on the rack and I wasn’t near them, so I take that as a compliment and that I’m getting closer to finding “a style” of my own. Even the printing process was quick with this print, and I finished printing all four prints in an afternoon.


And just for fun, here is what the copper plate looks like. I’m starting to wonder what printmakers do with all of their copper plates when they have finished printing editions. One possibility is to reuse the back side of the plate if it’s not too damaged from working on the first side.

I’m off to work now. I’m hoping my Monday goes quickly, as I’m excited to get home and work on collage for Artsyville’s Glue it Tuesday tomorrow. Hope you have a great start to your week!

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  1. Roni J. March 25, 2013

    It’s crazy because I went to school for Printmaking/Book Arts…but never print a damn thing. I like making handmade paper, I always work on small prints..but as far as etching, collagraph, and lino goes…never. It’s on my To Do List for 2013 though, so wish me luck!

    Love that you are posting your work though, looking forward to more notes about all classes. :)

    • Tricia March 27, 2013

      I wonder how many people go to school for something, and then never do it. Kind of makes me wonder what I’ll do after I finish school. Probably still take more art classes. :) I’m hoping all of my random art interests will converge someday. I would love to see some of your printmaking. I imagine you would do really interesting things with color. I used to love making handmade paper. I was just staring at the bucket that has my papermaking blender in it and thinking I should try it again during the summertime.

      Thanks for the visit!

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