List it Tuesday: I am a sucker for…

I’m joining in List it Tuesday over at Artsyville today. Only I’m responding to last week’s prompt because I talked about how much I love Portland in my Oregon anniversary post a couple of weeks ago.

I had so much fun mixing all of these colors and painting little paint chip cards. I could see this quickly becoming an addiction.

I am a sucker for…

01. Strawberry shortcake. The biscuits have to be at least made from a mix, and actually baked. No pre-packaged pound cake type substance. Nothing smells better than fresh strawberries + a hot biscuit.

02. Raspberries in July. I can recall eating a single raspberry last summer straight out of the little green carton at the farmers market and thinking that it was the best berry I’d ever had. They are so good here in Oregon!

03. Hawaiian plumeria. I love them for both the smell and appearance. And I’ll stop there because I don’t want to get weepy about how much I want to go back to Maui.

04. Cat’s nose. Soft pink kitty nose. Need I say more?

05. Moonstruck chocolate. This is my favorite place to buy chocolate for the cuteness alone. What a fun job it would be to create these chocolates! They have a super cute Halloween and pumpkin collection right now.

06. Kraft paper. Or brown paper bags. Love this stuff.

07. Meerkats. Hands down my favorite animal when I go to a zoo. Meerkat Manor? Love it.

08. Garlic hummus. I tried a couple of years ago to make my own, and it was a giant disaster. I think I put too much olive oil in it. I think I should try a different recipe soon.

09. Dark wash jeans. I love a good dark wash jean. I bought a couple new pairs this weekend to replace my favorite pair that was sadly cut off of me at the hospital when I broke my ankle in June. I hope these turn into new favorites in time.

10. Blue BIC pens. I’ve been using blue BICs at work for about a year and have become slightly territorial. No fancy pen can replace my blue BIC.

11. Oregon blueberries. I didn’t realize when I started painting that I had included three berries. I guess it was too hard to play favorites. I have never tasted blueberries as good as I’ve bought here.

12. Bill’s eyes. I didn’t quite do the color justice. Bill has the prettiest blue-green eyes. I’ll need to give this one another go sometime.

Make your own list and visit Artsyville to add your own link!

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