Pattern Love: Sydney Opera House

It has been a cold and quiet Sunday. I wish I could share that I had been super productive in my sketchbook this weekend, or that I had done something exciting with my Sunday, but that would be a lie.

One of my closest friends is spending this weekend in Sydney, Australia. I had fun poking around in my photo archives from my visit there in 2007, and found these two images of the Sydney Opera House. One of the things I was most surprised about was the pattern of the tile on the outside of the structure. If you are not looking closely, many pictures of it from far away make it look like flat panels of white. I loved looking at all of the geometric tile patterns up close.

This is a view of the gorgeous interior. The color of the wood was so rich. I felt so lucky to not only take a tour of it during the day, but also to go back and see an opera at night.

Welcome home Hil. Hope you had a great time.

Onward to Monday…

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