List it Tuesday: Been There, Done That

The List it Tuesday topic at Artsyville this week is Been There, Done That. I love this topic, and had fun thinking back over the fun things I’ve done over the years. Most of the big ones related to travel, which reinforced for me where my heart is at. Click the image to see the bigger version and you will get to see a cat hair on the right side of the image. It seems there is always one somewhere, even when I clean the glass!

01. Fell in love three times, and found a keeper (Bill).
02. Saw an opera at Sydney Opera House and climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge (one of my favorite experiences ever!).
03. Met my BFF through blogs in 2000, and have kept in touch with her all these years. She lives in New Zealand, and we have had three visits, going on four. It’s my turn to visit New Zealand again next!
04. Was the senior editor of my high school yearbook. Seeing the book at the end of the year was like magic!
05. Made a home in my dream city of Portland, OR.
06. Raised a pack of wild kittens and found them new homes.
07. Spent Christmas with my family in Hawaii in 2007 and loved every minute.
08. Spent a week with Bill in Hawaii in May 2012 and love every minute.
09. Won third place in a spelling bee in third grade and received a plaque with my name misspelled (Trisha).
10. Went on a epic road trip with my sister for her high school graduation gift from my dad. Up the California coast, to Seattle, Montana, Mount Rushmore, Nebraska, Colorado, Las Vegas.

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