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List it Tuesday: Food on Repeat

Today’s List it Tuesday topic at Artsyville is Culinary Traditions. Though I tried, my cultural heritage is a mixed vague jumble, and I come from a line of women who cooked from boxes and cans. I had little to contribute in the way of sketching for that topic, but I do have two little stories. […]

List it Tuesday: What’s New?

I’m excited for the return of List it Tuesday at Artsyville this week! The topic this week is: What’s New? Here’s a quick list of things that are new in my world these days. 01. No more soda. One of only two true resolutions this year. Last year I gave up diet soda, and this […]

List it Tuesday: Been There, Done That

The List it Tuesday topic at Artsyville this week is Been There, Done That. I love this topic, and had fun thinking back over the fun things I’ve done over the years. Most of the big ones related to travel, which reinforced for me where my heart is at. Click the image to see the […]