List it Tuesday: What’s New?

List it Tuesday: What's New?

I’m excited for the return of List it Tuesday at Artsyville this week! The topic this week is: What’s New? Here’s a quick list of things that are new in my world these days.

01. No more soda. One of only two true resolutions this year. Last year I gave up diet soda, and this year I’m giving up the real deal. So far it has not been terrible, just a matter of replacing the occasional soda with other things. I haven’t been stressed enough yet this year for a true test of willpower.

02. Date stamp. I got to break out my brand new date stamp for this sketchbook page. My old date stamp only had years up to 2012, so I had to buy a new one. Nothing fancy, just an ordinary office supply store cheap stamp. This one will get me through 2017.

03. Voxer app. I love this little app. It is like a walkie talkie on your phone. You can send little voice messages, pictures and text messages within the app. I love that it helps me keep in touch with my far away friends in a ordinary daily way. Thank you internet.

04. Block printing. I am totally jumping into this and loving it. One of my favorite parts of the day is carving my little stamp and then seeing the magic unfold at the first press to paper.

05. Digital SLR. I have wanted one of these for years, and I’m finally going to be ordering one this week thanks to some Christmas gifts and Amazon gift cards from my credit card points. I cannot wait to start taking more photos.

06. Copic Multiliner SP. This pen has the finest point I have ever seen. It can write super micro teeny tiny. I think this is going to be the perfect pen for joining the Tiny Notebook Club on Fridays.

07. Downton Abbey. I may be one of the last to jump on this train, but I am ALL IN! I’m watching season two now, and trying to avoid season three spoilers!

08. Penguin plates. I found the most adorable penguin plates on clearance at West Elm before Christmas for about $1.50. They are adorably polka-dotted and make dinner way more fun.

09. Washi tape. This pattern is awesome.

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