Project Life: Week 1 (2013)


One week down, fifty-one to go! I’m happy to have finished week one of my Project Life mini album. If you’re new here, you can read some more details of my plans to stay on track for the year. For my mini album (about 6×8″), I’m using Russell + Hazel mini binders and Photo Pocket Pages cut down to size (Design A and Design F). I didn’t take as many photos as I wanted to the first week, but I’m happy to have found enough to fill the spread. I’m trying to remember to keep it simple. Not every story needs to be recorded. A few good stories every week is better than none.


The date card and journaling will be a weekly repeated card. The strip of kraft paper with stripes is from one of my patterns. I’m planning on adding a different colored paper or pattern there every week. The wood grain photo is from a walk downtown on Saturday. I think the happy card may also turn into a weekly card. I want to capture one thing that makes me happy every week.


The 4×6 photo is from a walk we took with the dogs on January 1. It was unusually sunny that day, which makes for happy dogs and people. The pattern card is from one of my daily patterns for the week (see more on Instagram). The photo on the bottom right is of Bill during his Saturday night show (improvised musical) at Curious Comedy.

I’m already looking forward to week two, and have a couple of photos printed out. I’m hoping it will get faster as I get through a couple of weeks and make some journaling cards that I can re-use. On to week two…

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