Color Story: Columbus, OH Murals

Today I’m sharing some images from my trip to Columbus, OH in December. One of the things I love about the city is that vibrant murals seem to be everywhere. The murals really brightened up the city during the cold week I spent there. Most of these images are from the Short North. I wish I would have taken some more photographs of graffiti murals, and some of the ones I saw in neighborhoods outside of city center. I can always plan a mural scavenger hunt for my next visit!

Train Mural in a parking lot in the Short North. This one was one of my favorites. I love the vibrant blue and yellow against the dark grays.

Mona Lisa. Oh, how I love this. I love how huge it is, and I love, love, love that it’s painted sideways.

American Gothic. The brilliant blue background makes the figures in the foreground pop.

Fields of Columbus by Heather Nibert. This one is part of a 10 work installation in the Short North that will be up until July 2013. This mural is made out of a vinyl that clings to the bricks. I love the image, but much prefer the murals that are painted. More information about this work here.

I honestly have no idea where I was when I took this photograph. I made Bill pull over so I could take a picture. I love the contrast between the beautiful colors, and the cracks in the wall and sidewalk.

If you’re ever in Columbus, also check out Wholly Craft. It’s a great little handmade shop in Clintonville that has lots of lovely things.

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