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Daily Pattern Challenge: January

I can’t believe it’s already five days into the new year! This also means that we’re five days into the January daily pattern challenge! For this month I’ve decided to carve stamps out of rubber or linoleum blocks to use for my patterns. So far I’ve been using this rubber block by Speedball, and have […]

Daily Pattern Challenge: December Wrap Up

I was excited to finish my last daily December pattern a little after midnight last night! I’m happy to report that I only missed one day (Christmas), but that I made it up the following day and kept going. I’ve posted a few of my patterns from this month below. If you’d like to see […]

Daily Pattern Challenge: December Days 1-4

Oh, hello! It’s been awhile. I have started a new December daily pattern challenge. I’m working in a Moleskine Pocket Watercolor Book. On the odd days, I am putting down two rectangles of watercolor paint, and then I am drawing over one a day with (my very favorite!!) Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens. I decided to […]

List it Tuesday: Been There, Done That

The List it Tuesday topic at Artsyville this week is Been There, Done That. I love this topic, and had fun thinking back over the fun things I’ve done over the years. Most of the big ones related to travel, which reinforced for me where my heart is at. Click the image to see the […]

Thanksgiving Shopping List!

It’s too early for me to think about Christmas, so I’m sharing my Thanksgiving shopping list for this week’s List it Tuesday at Artsyville. I’m responsible for the cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes and stuffing this year. Lucky me, these can be prepped on Wednesday, and be ready to eat or cook on Thursday. I’m mixing […]

Let’s Make Patterns Challenge: Days 11-13

It’s been a busy workweek, so I’m catching up on posting images from the November pattern challenge. I’ve been losing a little steam the last few days, and will be looking through some pattern sourcebooks I have to give me a little inspiration. Looking forward to a full week off from the day job this […]

List it Tuesday: List of Lists

I’m answering the call for lists of lists on List it Tuesday over at Artsyville today. These are some fun things I would like to make lists of. 01. Made up terrible fortunes I might find in cookies. 02. Fun things I would buy with an extra $1,000 (no paying off bills!). 03. Top five […]

Oscar the Cat, 2002-2012

My sister lost her kitty on Monday. He originally lived with me in California, and then through a series of moves and life changes, ultimately ended up living with my sister here in Portland. The above is my favorite sketch of him. It’s so simple, but reminds me of all the nights he’d sit on […]

Sketchbook: Last Farmers Market

Today was the last weekend of the regular season at the farmers market near our apartment. It was raining so much that we got in and out as quickly as possible, and took our crepes to go. All of the vendors were so nice to thank us for coming out in the rain. The downtown […]