Color Story: NYC Subway Tile

This week at the day job we worked with visitors from our New York office. Their arrival prompted me to revisit photos from my weekend in NYC in January. My favorite photos were of the subway tile. These tile mosaics covered stunning expanses in bold colors and geometric patterns. I was blown away by the tiny tiles up close.

I loved the monochromatic yellows and the swirling patterns in the image below.

The three images below are the work of Nancy Spero from the West 66th St/Lincoln Center stop. I had researched her work for a class the previous quarter and planned the stop specifically to see her mosaics. The detail work in the figures was so delicate. I loved the different color treatments, especially how she used many different colors in the first of the three images. The gold in the second image was unexpected and beautiful. There is a good Art21 episode at PBS about her work.

For my next visit, I’d like to do some more research beforehand so that I can visit more stops with mosaics.

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