Sunday Seven

01. Walking. It’s oh, so nice to be doing this again. Even if it’s kind of a wonky walk. Even if I need a crutch to do it for more than a few steps. Even if I have to wear a big black ugly boot to do it. Even with all that, it’s amazing.

02. Autumn. I have a feeling we’ll shift back to summer at least once more, but today felt like and smelled like autumn. Being inside all summer made it feel like I lost a season. It’s gonna take a little more convincing to make me feel like it’s autumn time.

03. Paper cuts. I’m loving paper cuts these days, and I’m working on some hand drawn lettering in my sketchbook that I’ll be cutting out this week. Petit Pixel Design has a lovely post on paper cuts, including a link to an amazing video showing the process of an intricate paper cut of San Francisco by Famille Summerbelle. Love, love, love.

04. Living an Artful Life. This is a really old post that I found while googling something else, but it’s an enjoyable read about ways to cultivate an artful life, even with a 9-5 job.

05. Plums. My backyard neighbors have a plum tree that has been bursting with fruit, much of it also rotting on the ground. So sad. We’ve been getting our plums at the farmer’s market, and they are perfect. I love the deep reds and purples.

06. Art Journals. I had fun digging through old art journals this afternoon looking for a snippet of color for the header image. I’m looking forward to making new art journals burst at the seams.

07. The Great Discontent. I’ve been enjoying every article. Happy year one, TGD.

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