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Tiny Notebook!

I’ve been so inspired by Robyn’s tiny notebook pages, that “create tiny notebook” has been on my crafty to-do list for weeks. With a little bit of time to kill on a Sunday afternoon, I decided to jump in and make one for myself. I used some leftover Canson Mixed Media paper, washi tape, embroidery […]

Printmaking: Project #1

Printmaking project #1 is complete! Our objective was to create a print that had a good balance of white and black. For class on Saturday, I need to turn in six of my best prints. I laid all of the prints on my bed tonight to whittle it down to the best six (out of […]

Daily Pattern Challenge: January Wrap Up

It’s a few days into February now, and I’m just now getting around to gathering my thoughts on the January daily pattern challenge. Overall, I think January was a success for me, and I enjoyed the process much more than I did in December. I loved carving the stamps, and I loved the immediacy of […]

Project Life: Week 4 (2013)

I’m still really enjoying Project Life in week four, and happy that I’m still “caught up”. Last week at this time, I was already behind by a couple of weeks. This is one of those weeks that I couldn’t imagine doing a full size album. I had trouble filling the pockets in the mini album […]

What’s New? Vine

Twitter and Instagram are buzzing about Vine right now, so I jumped in last night. You can read more about Vine here and here, but basically it’s a app that lets you record 6 second videos in segments. You can stop/start the camera by pressing down on the screen. I can already see so many […]

Project Life: Week 3 (2013)

I’m still loving filling little pockets for Project Life in week three! Honestly, I’m pretty impressed by anyone who does this weekly in a larger album. It’s sometimes hard for me to fill seven little pockets, but maybe as I continue to work on this I’ll get better at taking more photos and writing down […]

Rainbow Artist Trading Card

Today I’m sharing a cute little Artist Trading Card (ATC) I made for Katie. I used the design from this sketchbook page. I love that the design wraps around to the back of the card. I haven’t made one of these in years, and I forgot how fun it is to make tiny little pieces […]

Daily Pattern Challenge: January Update

I’m twenty-one days into the daily pattern challenge… or eighteen if you’re counting days of actually making patterns. Ah yes, I’ve had a slip. I can’t remember what my excuse was on Thursday, but then on Friday and Saturday it was too easy to just continue the pattern (ha, pun totally not intentional!!). Yesterday I […]

Daily Pattern Challenge: January Update

I’m about two weeks into the January daily pattern challenge. When I started carving stamps this month, I thought I would like doing it, but didn’t realize how fast I would fall for the process. Pulling back the stamp from the first imprint is always like magic. For someone who tends toward being a control […]

Daily Pattern Challenge: January

I can’t believe it’s already five days into the new year! This also means that we’re five days into the January daily pattern challenge! For this month I’ve decided to carve stamps out of rubber or linoleum blocks to use for my patterns. So far I’ve been using this rubber block by Speedball, and have […]