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Daily Pattern Challenge: December Wrap Up

I was excited to finish my last daily December pattern a little after midnight last night! I’m happy to report that I only missed one day (Christmas), but that I made it up the following day and kept going. I’ve posted a few of my patterns from this month below. If you’d like to see […]

Daily Pattern Challenge: December Days 1-4

Oh, hello! It’s been awhile. I have started a new December daily pattern challenge. I’m working in a Moleskine Pocket Watercolor Book. On the odd days, I am putting down two rectangles of watercolor paint, and then I am drawing over one a day with (my very favorite!!) Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens. I decided to […]

Let’s Make Patterns Challenge: Days 11-13

It’s been a busy workweek, so I’m catching up on posting images from the November pattern challenge. I’ve been losing a little steam the last few days, and will be looking through some pattern sourcebooks I have to give me a little inspiration. Looking forward to a full week off from the day job this […]

Let’s Make Patterns Challenge: Days 8-10

Ten days into the pattern challenge, and I’m still going strong. This is the longest I’ve ever committed to a daily art challenge (so sad). I think the limit on materials (index cards and markers) is really helping to keep me going every day. All of my materials are in one little bin, and it’s […]

Let’s Make Patterns Challenge: Day 6

This is a portrait pattern of my boyfriend Bill, for his 35th birthday today. Pears, sweater vests, bacon, Ohio, and hipster glasses. I’m a little irritated at myself for messing up the second to last repeat in the bottom right corner. So close! I am loving the idea of doing these portrait patterns of my […]

Let’s Make Patterns Challenge: Day 5

I’m still completely obsessed by patterns. Tomorrow is the boyfriend’s 35th birthday. I’m considering a pattern in his honor that may include sweater vests, black glasses, pears and bacon. We’ll see how ambitious I am tomorrow. Want in on the challenge? Details here.

Let’s Make Patterns Challenge: Days 1 – 3

I’m having so much fun playing along with Anika’s challenge to make a pattern every day. I’m using 4 x 6 inch index cards, and Micron and Faber-Castell Pitt Pens for the challenge. I’m posting my images daily to Instagram. I’ll do a wrap up post with images every few days here at the blog. […]

Sketchbook: Rainbow Circles

Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens in Moleskine Sketchbook. I have been feeling very uninspired the last few days, so I decided to start with the most simple thing I could think of. Circles in pencil. It came alive with the addition of the pens. I think I’m ready to forge on again. I have been looking […]