Author: Tricia

Instagram Love!

Hello! Just a little update to say that I’ve been more active with posting updates and color inspiration on Instagram lately. I’ve been hard at work with graphic design studies at PSU and I’m heading into a major portfolio review at the beginning of June. Exciting stuff! I’d love it if you’d join me over […]

Answering the Call to Create Street Art

Today I found my way to this video of a flash mob from a public library in Valladolid, Spain (via On Being Tumblr). Near the end I found tears in my eyes. If I’m being honest, a lot of flash mob videos make me cry. There is something so beautiful about a group of people […]

Sometimes Making Stuff is Hard to Do

Thank heavens for my bestie who pokes me on Facebook, and tweets BLOG! BLOG! BLOG! at me when I miss days of blogging. When I start to stray I think about her wrath encouragement, and that gets me back on track. I have six more days of my September blog challenge. I’ve noticed a curious […]

Color Inspiration: Project Runway

Spoiler! If you haven’t seen Project Runway Season 13, Episode 8, The Rainway, this post contains images that may ruin it for you. The winner hasn’t been revealed in this post, but I’ve included images of my favorite design. I’m going to give you a “Red Panda Climbing Down a Tree Break” to decide if […]

Sunday Seven: What’s Going On?

I’m reviving my Sunday Seven list series this week with a list of things I’m excited about in the next month or so. I also have lots of street art photos from Detroit to share, so I’ll be posting new photos as I edit them in the next week. 01. Home. I arrived back in […]

Detroit Street Art

I saw so many amazing things today. I can’t wait to unload my memory card and post the street art photos from today. Big thanks to my friend Nicole for driving me around the city for the whole day, and to the awesome people in Detroit who made such a colorful day possible.

Ohio Street Art and Murals

I’m heading to Detroit, MI tomorrow where I will undoubtedly find lots of street art to take photos of, so I thought I’d share round one of my Ohio street art and mural photos. I’ve been having so much fun walking and driving around to see these works. It’s one of my favorite things to […]

Ohio to Michigan Road Trip

I’m in Michigan visiting my aunt. I have a cat and a Kindle in bed with me, so naturally I have completely lost the will to blog. There are black squirrels here, so my day tomorrow has pretty much planned itself (squirrel photo hunt). Wish me luck in my search.

Wholly Craft

One of today’s touristy activities was visiting Wholly Craft in the Clintonville neighborhood of Columbus, OH. I’ve been here a couple of times on prior trips, but in the time since I was here last they’ve moved to a much larger location. This is a super vibrant shop full of handmade items by crafters and […]